Fruitful Port Tasting in Portugal with Kids

Do you want to do a port tasting when you go to Porto, Portugal, but aren’t sure if it is a good idea to take the kids? In Portugal we took the kids with us to a vineyard in the Douro Valley and to a port lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia. This is how we were able to go port tasting in Portugal with kids and hopefully it will help you plan your own port and wine tastings.

Port tasting at Churchill’s Lodge, Gaia, Portugal

How to Go Port Tasting in Portugal with kids?

It may not seem like wine tastings and kids fit together, but I’ve found that kids can be entertained anywhere you go (as long as the establishment is ok with it, of course). We take cards, pencils and notepads, or other small activities that the kids can occupy themselves with. Then we try and “treat” them afterwards with something they will especially enjoy.

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Tour a vineyard and have lunch

Quinta do Portal, Douro Valley, Portugal

Head to the Douro River Valley and visit a vineyard and enjoy a wine tasting. Don’t forget to take small activities the kids can do while sitting at a table.

Quinta do Portal, Douro Valley, Portugal

When we went, we visited Quinta do Portal. First we did a tour of the inside of the facilities where they showed us the architectural marvel of the building. It was designed in a way that it doesn’t need an HVAC system. It’s a concrete structure with shale and cork on the outside of the building that keeps the inside cool. The roof has grass on it and they control the interior temperature by watering the grass when necessary. The kids enjoyed touring the inside and outside the building, especially the rooftop view.

Port tasting in Portugal with kids
Quinta do Portal, Douro Valley, Portugal

Afterwards we enjoyed a wine tasting—a white, a red, and a port. They were delicious! While we tasted, the kids played card games. We were able to purchase some bottles to take home at very reasonable prices.

We then walked over to the adjacent restaurant on the property that overlooks the vineyard and savored a 5-course meal with wine pairing. There were also options for the more selective kids. Everything was fantastic! 

Boat Ride

Rabelo boat, Douro River, Portugal

Afterwards, as a treat for the kids, we went on a river boat tour on a traditional rabelo boat. The kids had so much fun on that ride. A rabelo is a traditional Portuguese wooden cargo boat that was used to transport people and goods along the Douro River.

Kids enjoying the rabelo boat ride, Douro River, Portugal

Vila Nova de Gaia and Wine Lodges

Now that you’ve visited a vineyard, head to Vila Nova de Gaia and appreciate where port is stored before it gets exported. All the major wine producers from the Douro Valley have port houses in Gaia, as it is commonly known.

There are so many wine lodges in Gaia that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to go, but you really can’t go wrong.

Churchill’s Lodge

Churchill’s Lodge, Gaia, Portugal

Churchill’s Lodge is a boutique house and smaller in comparison to many of the others. The tasting room is intimate and the staff is friendly. You get a tour of the facilities and then enjoy a selection (of your choosing) of port wines. The kids entertained themselves with small games and ate crackers while we tried port.

port tasting with kids
Port tasting at Churchill’s Lodge, Gaia, Portugal

If you want to purchase bottles, you can either take them with you or they can ship them to you. If you decide to take them with you, they will put them in bubble wrap to help ensure they don’t break on the plane ride home.


Playground by the river in Villa Nova de Gaia, Portugal

After the wine lodge we stopped at a playground that is right on the river. The kids had a great time playing. There’s a small shop across from it where we were able to get some snacks, vinho verde, beer, and other beverages. As well as ice cream!

Port tasting in Portugal with kids can be done. With a little planning, you can enjoy a must-do activity while in Porto.

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