3 Wonderful Days in Charleston with Kids

View from carriage ride, Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a great place to take the kids and experience some outdoor activities, as well as learn about the history of the south. We all loved Charleston; there was so much to see, do, and eat! Here are my suggestions of what to do if you have 3 days in Charleston with kids.

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Restaurant Recommendations

• Rodney Scott’s BBQ
• Lewis Barbeque
• Chubby Fish
• Husk
• Fig

Carriage Ride & Historic Charleston

We booked a tour with Palmetto Carriage Works and it was a nice way to see and learn about Charleston. The tour was well organized and informative. My kids were 11 and 8 years old and it was a little boring for my 8 year old, so this is more for older kids. Also, if you are there in the summer try not to get the last row, as it gets the most sun and is very hot. What they really enjoyed was petting the horse afterwards!

Aiken Rhett House

Charleston South Carolina with kids
Aiken Rhett House, Charleston, South Carolina

A friend of mine recommended the Aiken Rhett House as an honest view of urban life during the 19th century. We each listened to the audio tour which gave the history of the family, townhouse, and outbuildings, including the kitchen, original slave quarters, and carriage house. Don’t be surprised by the state of the house. The current foundation that cares for the house has adopted a preserved-as-found approach, which means the structure and contents (furniture, architecture, and finishes) have not been altered since the mid 19th century.

Magnolia Plantation

Charleston South Carolina with kids
Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina

Wanting to go to a plantation while in Charleston to learn about its history and place in south, we chose Magnolia Plantation because of its “From Slavery to Freedom” tour and its gardens. We walked through the grounds and came across a picturesque bridge and there was a petting zoo that the kids really liked. There were deer that would roam around and that was amazing to witness.

Slave Homes, Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina

We went on the “From Slavery to Freedom” tour and were able to see slave living quarters. Some of the language used by our guide seemed to justify slavery and that was very off-putting. Afterwards, we visited the main house and there was a tour about the history of the family, as well as the house. Again, some of the language used by the guide was controversial and insensitive. Nevertheless, we tried to have it serve as a good education for the kids. We discussed what we had learned and what we thought was insensitive and why.

Angel Oak Tree

Angel Oak Tree, South Carolina

One of the oldest trees east of the Mississippi River, the Angel Oak Tree is impressive to see. Not only is the tree old, but it is also large, growing wide and tall. We passed by the tree on our way to Kiawah Island to go kayaking.

Brewery Recommendation

Edmund’s Oast Brewery

Kiawah Island Kayaking

Charleston South Carolina with kids

Wanting to do an outdoor activity while in Charleston, I opted for renting kayaks by the hour at Kiawah Island Golf Resort to avoid being out in the open water. (The resort also has tours, as well as other recreational activities.) We took our personal items in a small backpack and packed some beers and snacks in a soft cooler. Although we were able to attach them to our kayak, in hindsight, it probably would have been useful to have waterproof bags.

We had a nice afternoon kayaking to a beach and had the beers and snacks.

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